dedicated to Jat Samaj.

It is also a true tribute to our geat maharaja shree surajmal ji who has contrubuted commendably not not only to our community but also to our country.

long live our Great Maharaja Surajmal JI

जाट बलवान, जय भगवान

Inspired by India's Great Warrior and Brave Ruler, Hindu Heart Emperor and Jat Shiromani Shree Maharaja Surajmal Ji.

This website is dedicated for Jat community, where you can find a better match for your loved ones and we hope that our work which will surely be a drop in the ocean will still be of some help to our community.
-Maharaja Surajmal Smriti Nyas

wedding planner

Now you can get the privilege of planning the wedding of your loved ones in the holy city of Mathura here you will find the blessings of Radha and Krishna.

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